Our History

Greyburn Building Contractors is a company which started in 1987 in Melbourne by Michael Byrne and Graeme Ballinger refurbishing office buildings and expanded into general tendering, industrial, commercial, retail and residential projects. John Kearney started working with Greyburn in 2011 and became the sole director and shareholder in 2014.

The Company continues to work on a referral or repeat business platform and has to date not needed to advertise for business. Greyburn Building Contractors is the registered trading.

Greyburn is and will continue to be a nimble and dynamic company that adapts to the ever-changing construction market whilst retaining a consistent team of highly skilled construction specialists.

Our Company and Vision

Greyburn is a tier three unrestricted open builder specialising in projects between $2m and $16m in construction costs all over South East Queensland. We build a wide range of projects from retail precincts to ultra, high-end appartments.

The residential projects vary in size from ten to seventy units per project and cover single storey dwellings to multi-storey buildings. The commercial projects include service stations, medical centres, office buildings and nursing homes.

Greyburn’s competitive edge is the fact that we have a relatively small team of highly skilled and experienced professionals that can quickly and efficiently adapt to the ever-changing construction market without carrying the burden of large overheads or inefficient corporate structures. This is evidenced by the wide range of projects in both nature and size we have completed for both private and government clients.

Greyburn is a no-nonsense serious builder who prides themselves on always paying suppliers and contractors on time and forever focusing on the four pillars of construction: Safety, Quality, Program and Cost. Please contact any of our suppliers, contractors or clients at any time to give independent testimony to our work and how we do it.


John Kearney


Qualified as an Open Builder with Degree in Civil Engineering, John has over 15 years’ experience in conceptual and pre planning of Construction Projects through overseeing design and construction of Projects, internal & external finishes and fixtures selections best suiting the Project.

Chris Wood


Chris is a qualified Open Builder Supervisor who manages a number of projects simultaneously from inception to completion. Chris is also a qualified Quantity Surveyor with over forty years’ experience in the Building and Construction Industry.